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* You pull me cLose and you hoLd me tiGht * [entries|friends|calendar]
KeiTh uRbAn is LOVE♥

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[21 Mar 2005|05:35pm]

8 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

[28 Feb 2005|10:31pm]


Comment to be added -- i sorta changed the list ;-)




--> two can play at this game..
11 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

[05 Jan 2005|04:19pm]
i love rachel shes the best
3 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

[29 Nov 2004|09:02pm]
[ mood | busy ]

alright. ill make this entry snappy b/c i have a book report to write and i didnt even finish the darn book. If any of my entires make u mad/sick/or anyother retarted feelings then dont read my f*ing journal! alrite plain and simple. its not that hard. psh. its my journal for that reason. thats so annoying.

1 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

ThanksgivinG* [28 Nov 2004|10:50am]
[ mood | content ]

Well this break has been a little crazy.  but its still been fun.  ummm ive decided to do aladdian floor music and its really cute. im just gonna order it but untill it comes in ill just have to make my routene up to the demo ;-/. stacey is gonna be my coerographer [sp?] haha. on thurs its gonna be our field hockey banquet! woo woo im excited. its gonna be good times.  ummm...im like petrafied of the beam. lol but ill get over it. i should really work on my wolfs. caz thats what im scared to do...and my cartwheel. hmm i wonder why.  i <3 icy hott its my new lover.  i cant live without it and its tingly sensation. lmao. that sounds really wrong but get over it. so now im gonna go tutor amy caz i need money for cmas. haha caz im poor. ummmm...i think thats all for now!

It’s a love thing

They say I'm wrapped around your finger
But they don't understand
That what we got is more than just a diamond -->
On your hand

^^ i <3 that so much. i even typed it up. im so creative

KLU is truly my angel<3

I wanna die in your arms ♥

Christmas! [23 Nov 2004|03:01pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yeahhhh one more day of freakin school until break! i cant wait till friday...its that hardcore shopping day that i loveeee...wo0 woo! THE GOLDEN GIRLS SEASON 1 IS OUT! w00t! thats a MUST on my cmas list. haha ive got gymnastics t0night. not to excited for the beam so im just gonna do floor and maybe my dismounts..umm what else happened. oh yeah rachel had her thumb surgury today. i kinda feel bad for her. my journal isnt quite done yet ... it still needs sum work. haha if KAYLEE WOULD GIVE ME THE OVERRIDES! haha jk.. i really need a new purse. i love the ones i have but i kinda want a change. i know im greedy. hmmmm....my stupid wireless keyboard isnt working so im back to the winnie the pooh right now ;-) haha well i think thats all...ill ttyl<3

peace ;0)

8 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

HoLa! [19 Nov 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]


havnt updated in awhile... well gymnastics is going great. im doing beam and floor...and my shin is like broke but thats alrite. i figured out that i get my letter for field hockey and so doz ash and woLLz :0) so thats amazing. tonight in gymnastics i landed my back-tuck dismount off the beam biaaatch. i was realllly happer! ummm... and i also fell on my carwheel and like broke my shin and knee but thats alright. caz i landed it before i hut myself :0) uhhh what else is there to write. im really suppose to be grounded for like sum bs reason but w/e. im over it. i cant wait till christmas. yaaaa shopping! i want my coach wristlet and this weekend im getting my dooney and bourke change purse thingy ma bing. yeah ppl need to grow up and stop acting like ass holes. fyI. I WANT A NEW LAYOUT!!! anyone wannna be of service?

danke ;0)

I wanna die in your arms ♥

heeey.... [15 Nov 2004|09:50am]
[ mood | amused ]


Its been along time since ive wrote in here. well...a lot has kinda happened. gymnastics started and i love it. haha its freakin haliarous and fun... i happy i made it. im happy that one of our sea creatures didnt. haha easy there penguin. Yesterday my mom ordered me and my sister new matresses caz we were kinda in need of a new one. idk what im gonna do 2day becaz im grounded and all... i really hope that keith urban comes out w. a christmas cd. oman i had another dream about him last night. they r really annoying. :-x i really need my layout to come in. yesterday we also bought a new keyboard and mouse haha... they r WiReLEss! ;0) were all high tech now. i like the keyboard caz its all like clear. i cant wait till chrIstmas. that was kinda random. tonight is gymnastics and we actually get to get out the equipment! :-D woooo! and on friday... i didnt my backwalkover again by myself. i havnt done one by myself like since april. i was extremely excited.

ill ttyl<3


I wanna die in your arms ♥

psh [12 Nov 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


this is sooo messed up

1 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

BE HERE! [06 Nov 2004|09:48am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

wow... last night was the best night of my entire lifee....

I coudlnt believe it was already november 5th...the night of Keith urbans concert. i wake up and put my keith shirt on and go to school...at school chrissy puts on a "I GET TO SEE KEITH URBAN IN :hrs:Mins:secs: sign on the back of my shirt..finelly after i get home i wait for ashley to get home. we go get subway for dinner then leave...after getting lost and asking random gangsters when the State Theatre was we finelly go there. In the big flashing sign it says WELCOME KEITH URBAN! and i go wild. so after standing in an OUTRAGOUS line every1 starts screaming and i guess there was a man on the fire escape so i think its keith and i get all upset that we missed it. SO i stand in the middle of the street with my arms spread wide open and yell...I LOVE YOU KEITH URBAN making like 100 ppl turn around... i run up to his tour bus and get my pic next to it. we get inside and kinda stare at the tee shirts and isee what one i want we didnt wanna go get it then b/c we wanted to go find out where we were gonna go stand. so we get to the stage and im SPEECHLESS.. WE WERE GONNA BE SOOOO CLOSE TO HIM! i started liek shaking...so my mom said that me and ash and rachel could go get our tees first while they saved our spots..so blahh and then his opening act comes out and she was ok...but not the greatest. then we wait another 1.2 hour and then hes sitting in the middle of the stage on a stool and hes singing "these r the days we will remember" and then he gets up and they start busting out days go by. and im screaming and crying and hyperventalating. so he plays his amazing concert adding cute things into them making me scream even louder. he says sum jokes that were soooo adorable. wow i cant believe its over... i want to go see him again and again. i cant wait till my picts r developed. ill try to post them in here.

my dreams came true last night...and i lOVED every minute of it. i cant wait till he goes back to detriot. hes amazing live and he shows so much appreachation for his fans...he is truly a sweet heart.

8 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

[05 Nov 2004|02:39pm]



I wanna die in your arms ♥

[23 Oct 2004|09:39am]
[ mood | cranky ]

i for sure cant wait for christmas...:-D

I wanna die in your arms ♥

[19 Oct 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

iF onlY he cOuLD see </3*

I wanna die in your arms ♥

Over and Over again...</3 [13 Oct 2004|02:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]


its be QUITE awhile. haha yahhh i just havnt felt like writing in here ever tho alot of stuff have been going on. welll ill start w. grand rapids!

woo it was good times :0) i got to play on varsity ... it was kinda cool but i love playing jv sooo much more... caz i get to play w. my friends! we won! wooo and we won another game yesterday. the coaches r kinda bitchy or w.e but im over it. haha the bus ride was greattt...seducing 30 year old men... yah me and colleen like em old ;0) sooo...

i still havnt gone hardcore shopping yet.

**HOMECOMING ON SATURDAY! i will fer sure post pics on here...just becaz were gonna look amazing. lol yah...and fyI...there r NO HOT GUYS @ DHS! and it kinda makes me sad :0/ ohhh well...

today was a 1/2 day and me and colleen nataly nicole lauren and steph went to mollys and that was GOOD TIMES! haha perverted notes from like the 3rd grade..and me killing myself on the trampoline. haha ummm i think thats basically it..

** and he makes me so sad :0(

...i can't wait to see you...wanna see if you still got that look in your eye...that one you had for me before we said our goodbyes...</3 *****FLOAT MEETING TONIGHT! w00t <-- awww eX // 0h

11 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

i know [02 Oct 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | greedy lol ]

i know i know im a greedy person. but i cant help it. im not asking for that much. all i want is a LV pouchette and a new cell phone. my cell phone sucKs SOOOOO BAD! like u have NO iDEA! i also want sum more clothes caz i swear... i dont have ANY!

--- >> so today we had that Oktoberfest Field Hockey tourney thing. we sucked lol. but atleast i got to play. i was happy about that

i think im going shopping 2nite 2 get my sister sum presents w. my mom.

::: Note to self -->> im getting sum CLOTHES!

7 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

[30 Sep 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | sick/pissed x 10 ]


3 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

[29 Sep 2004|02:46pm]
[ mood | cranky ]


i havnt really written in here basically all week so im gonnA :-D

so 2day we have a fh game. i know were gonna lose but im use to that :-p lol wooo for my confidence in our team. lol. soooo... we got a new science teacher. i forgot her name lol but i know she like did summer STAND and stuff and shes really nice. tonssss better then mr towe [ our stoned 24/7 ] teacher. lol woo i still find that halairous. mwaha... well i should go find my stuff 4 fh. its sucha cold day! its like antartica! jeeeeeeeeez

oh and if coldkisses is reading this... i hope u make sum more keith icons... im in need of sum more w. his new hot lyrics :-D thanks MUCh0! <3

I wanna die in your arms ♥

[26 Sep 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i wouldnt mind doing keith urban in the back of a pickup truck...lmfao RANDOM THOUGHT! woo wooo

btw.. he has the nicest ass i have EVER SEEEEEEEEn

3 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

[26 Sep 2004|05:59pm]
[ mood | barfy =/ ]


today i got my HC dress! its the one ive wanted since like august. lol i finelly found it in my size! woooo its strapless and black w. white polkadots and its kinda short like to my knee and it puffs out and has like netting underneith it. i love it hardcore. i got it @ jessica mcclintock . woo woo. today i gave myself long bangs. they r pretty long but i think i should have did them longer =/ o well.. i get use ta theM. hm.. since i got long bangs i need to get head wrap 4 fh. cazi think that would be kinda annoying. i dont feel good....

eX \\ oh

I wanna die in your arms ♥

*The road to Be HeRE<3 [25 Sep 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | lovestruck ]

hoLA! right now im watching a KeITh urbaN speCial called the road to be here on cmt. wow is it amazing. keith is just amazing. ahhhhhhh and when he was talking about how he wrote tonight i wanna cry i seriously started crying. IT WAS SO SWEET! ah i cant wait till november 5th. keith is just adorable. hes says the cutest things w.out even meaning it. ok im done talKing about this. hahah i seem toooo obessed. lol well i am. =/

4 | I wanna die in your arms ♥

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